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Here are some videos that I've found.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you are looking for music videos, click here.
(The Tonight Show) (8.7 MB)
This performance was aired 4/30/04 on NBC-TV's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".  This is the first single from the new album, "The Cure".
A Strange Day (In Orange) (4.3 MB)
This video is from The Cure's live performance, "In Orange", filmed on 8/9/86 at the beautiful Theatre Antique D'Orange, Cote D'Azur, France.  Directed by Tim Pope.
A Forest (F**K Robert Palmer version) (8.8 MB)
This video is from the Werchter Festival in Belgium 7/5/81.  After only their 12th song, The Cure were told to cut their set short because everyone was anxious to see, the then famous Robert Palmer, which happened to be the next act.  The Cure ended their set with a longer than normal version of A Forest, (especially for 1981).  In fact, Robert Smith even ad libed some lyrics to make the ending longer, "Suck a long end, such a long end."  When The Cure finally do finish the song Simon yells out to the crowd, relieving some of his frustration with the situation, "F**k Robert Palmer, f**k rock and roll!"  Years later, when asked about the incident during an interview, Lol commented, "we were punks."  In 1981 the group was just a trio and Lol was still playing drums.  This video is worth viewing just to see Robert Smith wearing an uncharacteristic headband.  The image quality is not very good, (sorry, I did not encode this one), but the sound quality is acceptable.
South Park TV Show (excerpt) (2.1 MB)
This is the last scene from the "South Park" episode that has Robert Smith playing himself.  This show was from the first season, broadcast on 2/18/98 (episode #112).  The plot has Robert being called upon to save the world from the evil monster, Mecha-Streisand.  This final scene is a great parody of the last scene in the classic western movie, "Shane."
Maybe Someday (Conan O'Brien Show) (4.7 MB)
This performance on the "Conan O'Brien Show" was aired on NBC-TV 2/29/00.  The Cure performed 2 songs, Maybe Someday and A Forest.
A Forest (Wembley Arena) (10.1 MB)
Live performance at Wembley Arena 1/19/91.  From The Cure video, "Play Out", this is my favourite performance of A Forest.  Even though it is not one of the really long versions The Cure played during the Wish and Swing tours, I feel it is the quintessential performance of the song.
Lullaby (2.8 MB)
One of The Cure's best and most original music videos.  It was directed by Tim Pope.
Gone (Later with Jools Holland) (4.2 MB)
From the show "Later with Jools Holland" on BBC-TV, England 4/23/96.  The Cure perform Gone, complete with two back-up singers and a four piece brass section.  Willy Nelson was also a guest on this show.
A Letter To Elise (MTV Unplugged) (4.7 MB)
"MTV Umplugged" from Limehouse Studios, London, England, 1/21/91.  This great acoustic version has Robert playing 12-string guitar and Perry playing on a litter child's toy piano during part of this performance.
Shake Dog Shake (Bizarre Festival) (4.6 MB)
On a cold and rainy night, plagued with equipment and sound system problems, The Cure opened their set with Shake Dog Shake.  This video was taped by German TV at the Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany, on 8/22/98.
From the "Show" video recorded on 7/18/92 and 7/19/92 at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  This is a great video with guitarist Porl Thompson at his best.  At around 5:48 into this video, Porl goes crazy with a fabulous 30 second long guitar solo showing why he was later asked to tour with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.
The Figurehead (Pippbrook Mill Dec.1981)
An amazing clip of The Cure just before the release of 'Pornography'.

Robert Smith interviewed, 1985
An interview with Robert Smith from the programme 'Gaz Bag' on Music Box - November 1985.

Bananafishbones (Live on 'the Tube' UK TV, 1984)
Great live TV performance from the TOP era!

Pornography live, 1984