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Show is The Cure's fourth live album, released in 1993 and recorded live over two nights at the Palace of Aubur Hills, Auburn Hills, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) in 1992, during the hugely successful Wish tour.
Show was also released as a concert video.
Released: 1993 (UK)
Recorded: 1992
Genre: Gothic Rock, Alternative
        Rock, New Wave
Label: Fiction Records
Producer(s): Robert Smith
This live album was released along with Paris, which was recorded in Paris, France like the title suggests. This album featured more pop classics like "Just Like Heaven", "Pictures of You", and "Friday I'm in Love" while Paris had some of the older cult-classics.
Show is a double-CD release in most cases. There are various versions with differing track listing. The US version is the only one-disc edition. The songs which did not fit onto the US disc ("Fascination Street", "The Walk", and "Let's Go to Bed") were released as the EP "Sideshow".
Disc one
  1. "Tape"
  2. "Open" (Wish)
  3. "High" (Wish)
  4. "Pictures of You" (Disintegration)
  5. "Lullaby" (Disintegration)
  6. "Just Like Heaven" (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  7. "Fascination Street" (Disintegration)
  8. "A Night Like This" (The Head on the Door)
  9. "Trust" (Wish)

Disc two

  1. "Doing the Unstuck" (Wish)
  2. "The Walk" (Japanese Whispers)
  3. "Let's Go to Bed" (Japanese Whispers)
  4. "Friday I'm in Love" (Wish)
  5. "Inbetween Days" (The Head on the Door)
  6. "From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea" (Wish)
  7. "Never Enough" (Mixed Up)
  8. "Cut" (Wish)
  9. "End" (Wish)

Single disc release

  1. "Tape/Open" (Wish)
  2. "High" (Wish)
  3. "Pictures of You" (Disintegration)
  4. "Lullaby" (Disintegration)
  5. "Just Like Heaven" (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  6. "A Night Like This" (The Head on the Door)
  7. "Trust" (Wish)
  8. "Doing the Unstuck" (Wish)
  9. "Friday I'm in Love" (Wish)
  10. "Inbetween Days" (The Head on the Door)
  11. "From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea" (Wish)
  12. "Never Enough" (Mixed Up)
  13. "Cut" (Wish)
  14. "End" (Wish)


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